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Tarkett Group
Tarkett is a worldwide leader (2007 sales of €2.1 billion) in flooring and sports surfaces serving architects, contractors, facility professionals, distributors, retailers to meet individual tastes and functional needs. Everyday people all over the world experience our floors in different environments across housing, health, education, retail, hospitality, offices, sport.

We produce a wide range of sustainable floors in different materials - vinyl, linoleum, rubber, laminate, wood, artificial turf and other sports surfaces. In 2007 Tarkett produced 347 million m2 of floor surfaces.

Tarkett is organized in four Divisions – Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and FieldTurf Tarkett (worldwide sports) – with 9000 employees worldwide, 28 production centres (16 in Europe) and some 50 sales companies.

Our history goes hand-in-hand with that of the flooring industry, because many of the names that have helped form our company are those that have shaped the flooring world for more than 100 years: Azrock, Domco, Harris Tarkett, Sintelon, Sommer, Marley, FieldTurf, Johnsonite. Since 2003 the Group has operated under the Tarkett brand name.


Tarkett history

Merging Success Stories

With the introduction of Tarkett as the corporate brand of the group, a new chapter opens in our company's history, a history which has been landmarked by innovation and product breakthroughs. Our history is that of the flooring industry since the names from our company are those which have shaped the flooring world for more than 100 years: Azrock, Domco, Harris Tarkett, Sintelon, Sommer and Tarkett.

We continue this success story.

> The origins

1872 The history of Domco dates back to the company Dominion Oil Cloth, which started producing linoleum.
1880 The history of the Sommer Allibert Group dates back to Alfred Sommer who opened a felt-
producing plant in Mouzon (France) and Joseph Allibert who founded a factory for the shoe
industry in 1910.
1884 Foundation of the later Sintelon AD as Mihel Hemp Soaking and Rope factory.
1886 Tarkett AB is founded in Ronneby (Sweden) and quickly establishes a reputation as a high quality flooring manufacturer for Europe.
1898 Harris Hardwood Company Inc. is founded by William Pond Harris in Johnson City (USA).

> The development: Growth on domestic markets

1942 Bernard Deconinck takes over the management of Allibert.
1959 Sommer is the largest French producer of modern floorcoverings.
1962 Sintelon: Start up of Resilient Business
1967 Tarkett is the largest flooring manufacturer in the Nordic countries. The company ist taken
over by Swedish Match AB in 1970.
1972 Sommer and Allibert merge to create Sommer Allibert which comtinues strong development
and growth for two decades.

> International development and acquisitions

1986 Sommer Allibert takes over a share in Domco.
1987 Swedish Match AB acquires a majority share in German Pegulan-Werke AG. Both companies merge to Tarkett Pegulan AG.
1988-90 Sintelon: Privatization and joint stock company.
1991-94 Domco acquires Azrock and resilient manufacturer Nafco.
1995 Sintelon starts production with Russian company "Roof and Polymers" under the brand "Sinteros".
1997 Tarkett and flooring activities of Sommer Allibert merge and become Tarkett Sommer AG, listed on the German stock exchange.
1999 Domco acquires Tarkett and Harris Tarkett and becomes Domco Tarkett Inc.

> The latest steps

2002 Joint venture Tarkett Sommer and Sintelon
2003 The group and partners operate worldwide as Tarkett.


Tarkett is committed to preserving the environment and contributes to sustainable development by our responsible and transparent decisions and actions in an approach of continuous improvement


    * We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our products, services and actions
    * Our environmental work endeavours to go beyond the minimum levels specified by legislation
    * We are committed to minimizing environmental risks related to our industrial activities by continuously auditing our performance and implementing improvements.

Continuous improvement

    * We endeavour to minimize the use of material and energy resources and apply the highest environment standards in all our production sites.
    * We co-operate with authorities and interested parties by analysing environmental issues and developing sustainable solutions.
    * We convert identified improvement needs into environmental technology programmes with clear objectives.
    * We impose the same high demands on our suppliers, contracters, distributors and retailers.


    * We promote an open dialogue on environmental issues.
    * We endeavour to increase environmental awareness among our staff, suppliers and customers
    * We report problems and actions on environmental issues to employees, the public, suppliers and customers.

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