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Caring for your floor

Caring for your Floor

For the proud new owner's of a Millennium Hardwood floor, we will take you to the next step !!!

We can help you look after your floor for years to come!

Your Millennium Hardwood floor is a natural product, which will give many years of service. As with any product purchased it must however, be properly cared for and maintained to keep its beauty. This section is to provide you with helpful tips and advice for looking after your floor.

Wood and Water DON’T mix!


Excessive amounts of water can cause your wood floor to swell and cup. Therefore use a slightly damp mop to clean your hardwood surfaces

Clean up any spills immediately

Use a mild detergent

Vacuum beater bars can cause damage to your floors’ surface. If possible turn off the beater bar


Pour water over the floor to clean e.g. from a bucket

Neglect to clean your floor

Drag hard or heavy items across your floor – modern floor finishes are hard wearing, but they are not impregnable

Never use household dust treatments or furniture polish on hardwood or highly polished floors

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